Design Thinking activities

Teach Design Thinking to Your Kids

Use these activities to bring out your child's creative confidence, ability to experiment, and to get from problems to solutions -- in empathetic ways.

The Key Design Thinking Mindsets

  • Empathy: Seeing a situation from another person's point of view, and tuning into their needs and emotions
  • Problem-Spotting: Redefining a challenge to see opportunities, and ask better questions
  • Brainstorming: Coming up with many, wild, ambitious ways to solve problems
  • Prototyping: Making things to think through solutions, and to test out ideas you have
  • Iteration: Learning from feedback, seeking criticism, and using it to improve your work
  • Visualization: Making your thoughts real with sketches, diagrams, and other visual expression
  • Creative Confidence: Working boldly without questioning your own skills, or over-analyzing while you are creating

Design Thinking Activities