Reading List + Other Sites for STEM parents

Sites + Resources to Learn More

There is a big universe of resources for teaching STEM. Many of them are aimed at educators, but there is also a lot for families and parents. We curate them here.

If you have other resources we should know about, let us know what you would recommend!

Iridescent Learning network, that has activities and challenges aimed at families:

Remake Learning network in Pittsburgh, that unites educational innovators in Western Pennsylvania:

Stemisphere from Carnegie Science Center gathers together a master list of STEM education resources in Pittsburgh:

Books to Use With Your Kids

Want to go the extra mile, and learn more about STEM, design, engineering, and being a good mentor?

Then we have books and articles for you!

As we find great resources to build your own skills -- or to understand STEM better, we put them here for you to read too.

If you buy any of these books...


We support our STEM Family work though affiliate commissions on purchases made through our links. We only include books that we ourselves find valuable. But we want to let you know that, so our business model is clear.

Check out our favorite books for STEM parents, teachers, and mentors -- and let us know if you have any others to recommend!

December 31, 2017

Read to your kids like a Designer Would

Over the holiday break, we have been burning through all of our books in our kids books library. So we decided to take a shot at […]
December 22, 2017

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family Friendly Experiments from Around the House (Lab Series)

This book, Kitchen Science Lab for Kid, is a straightforward  step-by-step guide for planning a Science Lab in your home kitchen. The science activities are simple, […]
November 26, 2017

Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book: a STEM Family review

Today we review Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers. We were delighted to see a workbook version of the excellent Rosie Revere, Engineer storybook. […]
September 28, 2017

Set up a Tinker Lab for your little ones to be experimenters and creators

We love the book Tinkerlab: A Hand’s On Book for Little Inventors, by Rachelle Doorley. It lays out a plan of action for parents of young […]
August 11, 2017

The Curious Kid’s Science Book

If you are looking for hands-on, minds-on activities, challenges, ideas and explorations,The Curious Kid’s Science Book offers you a rich, illustrated guide. The book is from Asia […]
August 6, 2017
The great book, How to Draw Everything

Learn how to draw, with Gillian Johnson’s How to Draw Everything

This book, How to Draw Everything, from Gillian Johnson, is visual, delightful, and very, very approachable. It’s meant for adults who are a little shy about […]