Read to your kids like a Designer Would

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December 30, 2017
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January 28, 2018

Over the holiday break, we have been burning through all of our books in our kids books library. So we decided to take a shot at reading some of our favorite design picture books, from our own bookshelves, with our little ones.

We scoured our collection for books with lots of pictures and with backstories, about how different products got made, from idea, to prototype, to finished product. We also looked for great little lessons and stories, often in the form of design principles, that can teach our little ones about some of the golden rules about visuals, persuasion, and human behavior.

Some of our favorite kid-friendly design books:

Universal Principles of Design (pocket edition), William Lidell

Tools: Extending Our Reach, by Cara McCarty and Matilda McQuaid

The experiment was a little success, with our three-year-old really into the tools book, and especially all the interesting astronauts and discover tools like very complicated telescopes, construction equipment, Mountain blasters, and drawing tools. He was more into the pictures, then reading the back story, but we figured that we can work on him.

The design principles can be taken in small doses, but there wasn’t the patience to stick with it for very long.

We will continue trying with some more books, the great thing about design books, are that they are full of pictures, laid out with sparse amounts of text, and with lots of wonderful colors.