Set up a Tinker Lab for your little ones to be experimenters and creators

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August 11, 2017
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November 26, 2017

We love the book Tinkerlab: A Hand’s On Book for Little Inventors, by Rachelle Doorley. It lays out a plan of action for parents of young kids, to set up a space in their home or garage to bring out the creativity of their kids.

It’s a thoughtful presentation of how to structure and organize a play space — as well as specific activities you can do to not just ‘do art’ but learn the creative process with your kids.

You can see more of Rachelle’s ideas, activities, and space design at her very popular blog Tinkerlab. She does a great job of spotlighting interactive, thoughtful exercises to do with kids aged 3-7, that are artistic — and also have larger learning outcomes.