The Curious Kid’s Science Book

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If you are looking for hands-on, minds-on activities, challenges, ideas and explorations,The Curious Kid’s Science Book offers you a rich, illustrated guide.

The book is from Asia Citro, a former teacher and a mom.

It is made for toddlers on up — probably 4-8 year olds is the ideal age range. The Curious Kid has exercises that parents or teachers can run without too much intense prep or purchases. That’s why we were particularly excited by the Curious Kid — it doesn’t set up huge barriers or requirements to actually do the exercises. You can do a lot with what’s already in your kitchen and garage.

It bridges creative exploration across many different learning areas. The book’s exercises integrate a mix of STEM topics — including environmental science, chemistry, biology, and physics. The activities are all laid out to help your little one learn these specific domains — while also stretching their ability to do creative, scientific work. It’s about the lessons, but it’s also about the process.

The Curious Kid book will be a good fit for kids who like to tinker, and who are interested in running science experiments.  You can hand the book over to them, look through all the pictures, and have them choose what they want to work on. The Curious Kid is highly visual, and it makes it very engaging for kids — so they can take charge of choosing and setting up their own project.

There is a huge amount of STEM value in The Curious Kid. The activities are set up to be open-ended inquiries. It’s not just about following the steps like a recipe, and getting the activity done. The book has been written to encourage kids to go through the logic and perspective of science experiments, and to ask critical questions. The book supports parents and adults to have a dialogue with the kids as they go through the activity. It doesn’t necessarily help the adult answer all these questions — but at least it gets thoughtful conversations going.

We highly recommend The Curious Kid’s Science Book  especially for kids who are between 4 and 8 (though even a little younger may have a lot of fun too).